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RayCorp is a sole proprietorship that funds and supports Raymond Wang's internationally-recognized scientific research and innovation, including his work with Aircraft Cabin Airflow, his innovations of the Weather Harvester, Smart Knee Assistant, Sustainable Smart Sanitizer, and more.

Raymond Wang is a undergraduate at Harvard University, one of Canada's Top 20 Under 20, and the recipient of the 2015 Gordon E. Moore Award of $75,000 for Best Project Overall at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Engineering interdisciplinary solutions since age 12, Raymond's innovations span fields of computer science, engineering mechanics, renewable energy, biomechanics, and environmental management.

To fund Raymond's Scientific Research, RayCorp provides supplementary OutreachVideo Production, and Business/IT Services, promoting sustainability, producing marketing videos, and offering business and technology consultation solutions to clients.

All funds raised through RayCorp's activities are directed to the development of Raymond Wang's innovations in tackling problems that challenge the world today. We welcome you to explore the website, and support our scientific research by donating today.

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